I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to an amazing husband, and a makeup artist of 6+ years. I've learned a few things in my life and want to share all I can with you. This is just a small window into this crazy thing I call my life. 


More About Me

All my life I have been exposed to art of many forms. Both my grandmother and mother were painters, my grandfather and mother could pick up anything and be able to work it in an instance, and I always looked on in "awe" and sometimes even joined in. I have always enjoyed painting and sculpting and it turns out I just decided to use a different canvas than my grandmother and mother. I decided to go into the field of makeup artistry. I went to Paul Mitchell the School in the, not so small but not so fashion forward, town of Columbia, SC and realized that while I love doing hair, makeup is my true passion. My passions also include being the best Stay at Home Momma I can be to my beautiful baby girl and loving my amazing husband unconditionally. In this blog I want to give you a small window into my crazy little life of being a Mom, a Wife, a Freelance Makeup Artist, and to give all the tips and tricks I have learned through the years to you.