Shimmer and shine through the summer and beyond. - product review

Shimmer and shine through the summer and beyond. - product review

I'm a bit late on this product, but I honestly can't help but sing it's praises!! The Make Believe in Yourself eyeshadow and cheek palette from Tarte is absolutely dreamy! I've always known about Tarte, but only recently have I really delved into their products, and I have to say I am a believer! The are cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, and much more. I feel like I could go on and on about the brand but today I am specifically covering this one palette. Don't forget to read to the end and check out some of the looks I have accomplished using this little gem.

On the Tarte website the product is described as follows; 


Kaleidoscopic, unicorn-inspired eyeshadow palette with 10 luminous shadows & a strobing eye & cheek highlighter to bring your fairytale dreams to life

  • myth (matte nude)
  • magic (bronze)
  • wings (copper)
  • marvel (metallic sage)
  • trance (taupe slate)
  • fairy (metallic lavender)
  • mystic (blue pearl)
  • dream (turquoise)
  • crystal (iridescent champagne)
  • pixie (golden pink)
  • believe (pearl highlight)

So that's the official word, here's my take on it all.  First off, packaging. While I know this doesn't really speak to the quality of the formula I still believe it is an important aspect to take into account. I absolutely fell I love with the colors and geometric shapes and love the fact that the theme was carried onto the palette itself. Another thing I appreciate is the shape of the palette. Most palettes you see are square or rectangular, but this shape really helps with the flow of the shadow colors. 


I honestly couldn't be happier with the color selection. Not only are these shades remarkably shimmery but Tarte was super smart to add a beautiful matte transition shade. Myth is perfect to add to your crease to help blend any of the other shades into the next absolutely seamlessly. The rest of the shades are, well they are just shimmery, metallic, rainbow greatness!!! I mean just look at this glorious display. 

On to the main event, SWATCHES! All I did was swipe my finger once on the shade and once across my arm. Look at that color payoff! Have you ever seen such rich full pigment from just one stroke? A few of these shades have a slight duo-chrome quality to them that I adore such as Believe with a shift from white to pink, Pixie with a shift from gold to pinky peach, and Crystal with a shift from pewter to lavender. The rest of the shimmers have a glitter of either gold or silver.

Now this palette is referred to as a eye and cheek palette, and, while Believe and possibly Pixie could be used as a highlighter, I feel the colors all work best on the eyes. Dont get me wrong though, I have used Believe as a highlight but mostly on top of another to just amp it up a bit. Some of the glitter in it just seems to be a bit too chunky to work alone on your cheek bones. 


Oh, and get this you guys, it smells like vanilla! Every time I open this palette it's like I just walked into a kitchen full of freshly baked cupcakes. And this is where I come to my one and only complaint, if you can call it that, which is I want some darn cupcakes! So, if you are fine having your senses messed with sending you into a craving to end all cravings, then by all means go for it. 

Now when it comes to formula, I have to say, you really can't ask for better with the types of shadows these are. Most metallic or glittery shadow formulas have a tremendous problem with fallout or while you are blending out the glitter aspect dissipates and you are left with just the base color.  These, however, apply like a cream shadow or like they have been applied over a sticky base. They go on velvety smooth whether using a brush or applying with a finger for more impact.  I usually do eyes first because fallout can often ruin my undereye area, which I then have to go back and redo (so tedious), but with this palette I can work the other way around, finishing my eyes last and not have to worry one bit. In fact, I have completed a client's whole face and been able to spruce up the look by adding one of these shadows for more dimension and not had to fix anything afterwards. 

All in all, truly impressive. This palette came out just in time for summer but I know with all the different shades included it is a must have in your makeup wardrobe through all four seasons. It's rich copper browns and plum shades are idealic for fall, the cool silvery blues and lavenders through winter, the soft pinks and golds and bright blues for spring, and the golds, pinks, blues, purples (who am I kidding, the whole palette with all its glittery rainbow epicness) is perfect for summer. Originally priced at $40 (what I paid), this palette is still available at for only $30. Believe me, that is a steal with a total of 14 grams of product! I suggest grabbing it up while you can,I'm sure at that sale price they will be going fast! 

As promised here are a few of the many looks I created using this palette as either the focal point or purely on its own.  

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